About Us

West Point Seafood is led by a strong management team and being a subsidiary of P.P.Mathews(S) Pte Ltd established in 1955 and was in the textile trade for 30 years, and our parent company in Singapore is involved in the import and wholesale of frozen seafood from India since 1985.

With this expertise in our import for our Singapore customers we have established a long term supply of Indian frozen seafood to our overseas clients in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Understanding the needs of our overseas clients are a primary importance in developing a constant and steady stream of quality frozen seafood to them from our India suppliers.

Established since 1985, West Point Seafood journey began under the vision of Mr.P.P.Mathews. Built on the principle of trust, we have today become one of the most reliable suppliers of seafood from India. We have nurtured relationships with our clients over the years, providing reliable products and services at competitive prices.

We believe in ‘Quality Through Control’ ,which is the underlying principle behind our processes. We strive to achieve consistency in delivering superior quality products by implementing a system of control at all points of the sourcing process.